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What’s the difference between a registered business address and a service address? All you need to know.

Company creation requires the provision of two different sorts of addresses: a servicing address as well as an office registered or business address. We’ll go through the many uses and criteria of an address of service and a business address below to assist upcoming businesspeople to better understand these vital identifiers if planning to start a company.

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All subscribers, directors, accountants, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) representatives, and other individuals with considerable control of companies must have an address for their services, according to the people with significant control (PSC). All kinds of government agencies such as Companies House, or Official posts from HMRC  are usually sent to the site.


The business address (also known as the registered office), alternatively, is the location where the business or Partnership may be reached on a formal basis at its designated location. It is the authorised location for the institution’s legislative registrations and the reception of the government’s official mail.


In relation to service providers’ locations

Companies House requires that a registered office address is given and verified by the parties mentioned below:


  • Administrators
  • Clerks of the corporation
  • Representatives of the Limited Liability Partnership Group
  • Cosigners having more than a quarter of the company’s electoral power
  • Stakeholders with more than a quarter of the shares forked out by the company
  • Persons with Significant Control (PSCs) are defined as any other individuals or legal organisations with substantial influence or control over a firm.


HMRC, Companies House, and other government agencies will send formal letters to the enrolled person’s service address detailing their participation in the organisation or limited liability partnership.


The location information will be made available to the masses by Companies House. These business details may be accessed by anybody.


The following is an example of an address of service:

  • worldwide – it doesn’t necessarily need to be based in the United Kingdom
  • an address that is either commercial or residential


If you have a service address that is linked to your business or registered office address, it will immediately update if your registered address moves.


Most people choose to utilise an address other than their own home address because of the openness of this information. As a result, you may keep your personal information private by using a commercial address of service (NON-Residential).


Companies House must be notified right away when feasible if your address of service is going to be changed, although you may do so at any time. We Form Online‘s free customer Administrational Portal or Companies Secretarial Services may be used to notify Companies House of a company secretary, LLP, director, or PSC member’s new service address.


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What if I don’t have a UK address?

Not necessarily, your address of service may be anywhere in the world, and you are free to switch it up as frequently as you choose.


Does my company’s registered address count as a location of service for my company?

The answer is yes, one can utilise the same address for both their office registered and their location of service.


In relation to the location of the registered office

A limited company or LLP’s registered office serves as the company’s official point of contact. As part of the company’s formation, one must be supplied to Companies House and must be maintained during its existence.


The Companies Act of 2006 stipulates that a company’s registered office must be in the country where it was formed (for example, Wales and England, solely Wales, Northern Ireland, or Scotland).


The location of a company’s registered office may be found in the central public registry maintained by Companies House. Even if the company’s location changes or it is dissolved, this information will stay on file eternally.


Official entities such as HMRC and Companies House utilise a registered office to send them statutory communications and legal notifications.


Given that the registered office is situated in the relevant jurisdiction and the entire postal address is supplied, registered offices may be either a home or business location. A non-residential address, on the other hand, is preferable. Additionally, your firm will benefit from a more polished and professional image. Your registered office may be changed whenever and anywhere you choose. Any change of address must be reported promptly to Companies House using Companies House WebFiling or Rapid Formations’ free Client Admin Portal — you may record this change online at no charge. Companies House will automatically notify HMRC of the change, therefore it would not be necessary for you to notify HMRC of the change. Please be aware that up to two weeks after the change of address, documents could still be validly sent to the address prior to changing.


Is it possible to change the location of my registered office?

If you have a foreign incorporation, you must maintain a registered office in the nation where the company was formed. Even if one registers their firm in Wales and England, one may shift their registered office to Wales or the other way around. For the purposes of registered offices and business formation, these two nations are regarded as a single jurisdiction.


Residential addresses are kept strictly private.

The public will only have access to this information if it is utilised as an address of service or address of office registration for a company’s directors, LLP members, subscribers, or PSCs during the business creation or appointment procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions;


Q1; What is an address of service/service address?

A1; This is where we’ll be carrying out your construction and installation. Both your construction charges and monthly service fees will be sent to the billing address you choose. Another address may be provided if someone else foots the cost for the building.


Q2; What does it mean to have a business address?

A2; Examples of business address definitions. The physical address of a company. contact information. The location where a person or group is located and may be reached.


Q3; Can a residential address be used as a business address?

A3; Business owners may have privacy and security issues when using their home address as their company’s mailing address. A registered agent must be named when a company is formed as an LLC or corporation. To serve the summons, the summons must be delivered to the registered agent’s home address.


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